In a Play-to-Earn game (P2E), a player can earn financial rewards through their participation in one or more games. A blockchain based game enhances the P2E experience by allowing easy transfer of wealth both into and out of the game environment. This is an incredibly exciting development for players!
Unfortunately the current P2E blockchain games fall far short of fulfilling player expectations. Their major shortcomings include:
  • Technical Barriers to Entry - Most gamers do not have a strong understanding of blockchain technology, but almost all blockchain based games require players to immediately download, install, and connect a Metamask wallet.
  • Logistical Barriers to Entry - It can be hard enough to find games that are fun to play, but many blockchain based games are only available through direct download on a website, not in established app stores.
  • Financial Barriers to Entry - Games in this space can cost upwards of $1,000+ just to start playing. That is a very high bar to set for most players, and not very easy to overcome.
  • Gameplay Barrier to Entry - Since many of the early developers of these games have a background in technology, and not game development, the games themselves are frequently rudimentary and lack the smooth gameplay experience that players have come to expect, leading many players with no desire to play.
These problems are evident when you look at the marketplace and compare the percentage of revenue generated by crypto-based games vs the total revenue generated in gaming. It equates to a total of only 2.6% market penetration.
So what if there was a company that was poised to solve these problems?
What if that company “got it” and had a solution in development that would remove barriers to entry, create great gameplay experiences, allow players to capitalize on the time they spend in game, and even go beyond… to leverage it into a full ecosystem that will support interoperability between games and a connected metaverse?
Introducing PLAYN.
PLAYN is a blockchain based game ecosystem that will bring blockchain gaming to the masses by creating fun games, dropping barriers to entry, and providing value to our token holders.
Within the PLAYN ecosystem, players can earn in-game currency that has real value because it is backed by our governance token at a steady ratio.
At the heart of the PLAYN ecosystem is our unique economy consisting of a governance token, GameGold (GMG), and a game token that is specific to each game deployed. Game tokens are backed by GMG at a 250:1 ratio, so every 250 game tokens, in any of our games, can be exchanged for 1 GMG. This provides a consistent value for earned game rewards.
All games are backed by GMG, providing real value to our players.
It is the GMG token that stores the actual value inside and outside the ecosystem. In contrast, in-game currency is earned by players through playing the game and competing in events. The tokens provide an easy way for players to bring currency into and remove currency from any of the games.
The in-game currency will be designed uniquely for each of the games launched within our ecosystem. For example, Darklin Wars, the first-ever game to launch on the PLAYN ecosystem, has a dedicated in-game currency called Dark Coins (DRK).