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Exists to facilitate the exchange of accepted currencies to and from our governance token, GMG, and our games. The Currency API is responsible for:
  • Moving GMG to a player's game account and converting it to in-game currency
  • Converting in-game currency to GMG, and placing it into the player’s wallet
  • Taking the PLAYN transaction fee from each exchange and sending it to the PLAYN liquidity wallet and company wallet, as specified


The primary API for all in-game purchase and sales, including both marketplace and merchant transactions. It communicates with the games as well as the backend database that tracks the sale of items. Specifically, the Transaction API facilitates:
  • Placing items into and removing them from the Auction House database
  • Queries on the status of items in the Auction House database
  • Updating bids on items in the Auction House database
  • Updating ownership of items from the Auction House and Merchant databases
  • Movement of currency from Auction House sales and Merchant purchases to the accounts of players and the game treasury, respectively


Enables the movement of in-game assets from one game to another game or the PLAYN with Friends metaverse. Specifically, the Transport API:
  • Updates the current location of each tagged asset
  • Updates the owner of each tagged asset