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The PLAYN Ecosystem

The PLAYN ecosystem is a blockchain-powered multi-game ecosystem that provides a consistent, secure, and transparent environment to monetize gameplay. It is a perfect merge of blockchain finance and gaming that offers players opportunities to earn tokens in a variety of games and investors token price appreciation through a gradual, organic, tightening of token supply.

PLAYN will bring blockchain gaming to the masses by creating fun games, dropping barriers to entry, and providing value to its token holders.



Every player within the PLAYN ecosystem is entitled to full ownership of earned in-game currency and the governance token that backs it. Game players are empowered to play any game within the ecosystem and receive in-game tokens as rewards, which they can trade for the governance token, GMG. They decide what to do with their GMG tokens; hold, stake to earn more GMG and governance rights, or convert them to another cryptocurrency.


PLAYN provides a solid token based economy that backs all in-game currency within the ecosystem with governance tokens, GMG, at a fixed rate of exchange. This ensures that all in-game transactions have a steady, real, economic value.


The PLAYN ecosystem is not designed to offer a single game, but multiple games. Each game that is launched will be backed by 500,000 GMG tokens, which are removed from the circulating supply.
This will create a steady upward price pressure on the remaining token supply, benefiting players and token holders alike.


In addition to sharing the governance token, all games will have a shared asset system allowing designated in-game assets to also be used in unique and fun ways outside of the specific game they are generated in.
This will be enabled through the tagging of assets with unique transport IDs, tracked using the Transport API. The assets that are tagged will be “transportable” outside of the game environment and into the PLAYN with Friends metaverse. Specific assets may also be transportable into other games within the ecosystem.
Tagged assets will include skins, special effects, objects, and pets.


Users of the PLAYN ecosystem can convert earned in-game tokens to the governance token, GMG, at a fixed rate of exchange. Players or non-players within our community can also exchange GMG to and from external crypto currencies. All currency conversions to and from outside currency will be subject to a 5% tax.