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Team and Advisors

Our team at PLAYN is fully engaged, building the best blockchain based game ecosystem on the market and bringing play to earn gaming to the masses.
Matt Lobel - Founder Matt Lobel has 28 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the eLearning, gaming, and media development markets. As the company grows, his experience with scaling organizations and background in operations will serve PLAYN well.
Nam Ngo - Lead Developer Nam is a phenominal developer with deep experience in game development. In his career Nam has been involved in a number of high profile projects, including Turret Merge Defense, Warena, and a viral hit, FaceDance Challenge!. He also has been involved in a number of crypto projects including MyDefiPet and Panther Arcade.
Jazmin Fernandez - Community Manager Jazmin oversees all of the social outreach of PLAYN and manages the flow of information from our development team to our fans and the general public.
Crispin Courtenay - CTO Advisor An expert in technical and strategic solutions architecture, product development for blockchain and cloud, with extensive experience with fungible (crypto and security token) and nonfungible (NFT) tokenization. Crispin also has deep US compliance knowledge and the technologies that can facilitate it.
Vladimir Malyshkin - CMO Advisor As the CEO and Founder of the "Illuminates" startups accelerator, Vladimir has participated as blockchain expert and world-class adviser for numerous ICOs, ensuring successful launch and completion of these projects. As a seasoned entrepreneur and fintech expert, Vladimir perfectly understands investor's expectations, startup's pain-points, and how to build profitable relationships between them.
Waldon Fenster - CEO Advisor Serial business builder, Waldon Fenster is a corporate acquisition consultant with an expertise in facilitating brand growth for businesses and startups that want to present their company to the marketplace. Waldon has worked with thousands of companies and Fortune 100 brands to expand their business models and amplify their portfolios for immediate financial benefit.