As the governance token for the PLAYN ecosystem, GMG has been created with a limited supply of 100 million tokens. When GMG is used to back a game launched on the ecosystem, it will do so at a fixed rate of 1 GMG token backing every 250 tokens of in-game currency.


Each game on the ecosystem will launch with a capital base of 500,000 GMG, spawning 125 million units of in-game currency, available for players to earn.
Games will have a minimum backing threshold of 250,000 GMG. Should the supply backing a game fall below this threshold at any time, it will be “topped off” at 250,000 by the next API cycle.


  1. 1.
    Auction House fee of 10% - Generated from all successful sales made within the Auction House
  2. 2.
    5% Tax on all exchange transactions from GMG to and from in-game token
  3. 3.
    $9.95/month USD subscription (payable via Apple/Google stores or using the equivalent of in-game currency, based on the currently quoted price of GMG) for resource and production boosts
  4. 4.
    In-game ads that allow players to get boosts without using currency, generating ad revenue for the company
  5. 5.
    Cosmetic purchases (skins, effects, and pets)


  • 50% of currency exchange transactions taxes will go to the PLAYN liquidity wallet
  • 50% of currency exchange transaction taxes will go to the Company Wallet
  • 50% of Auction House transaction fees will go to the PLAYN liquidity wallet
  • 50% of Auction House transaction fees will go to the Company Wallet


Twenty percent of the total supply of GMG will be issued to the PLAYN liquidity wallet. This currency will be used to ensure the liquidity of player holdings, allowing them to freely move currency into and out of games in the ecosystem. The percentage of total circulating GMG supply held in the PLAYN liquidity wallet will fluctuate but at no time will be allowed to fall below 15% of the total supply.


GameGold (GMG) token features:
  • Developed on the Binance Smart Chain
  • Total supply of 100 million tokens
  • Can be staked to gain an interest yield and voting rights in the PLAYN ecosystem’s governance
  • Transferable to in-game currency at a 1:250 fixed ratio (1 GMG for 250 in- game currency tokens)
  • Will be used in an ICO of 21 million tokens, distributed in three discrete rounds


Each game will have its own unique branded currency. For Darklin Wars, players earn DarkCoin by performing actions in the game. This currency has a real-life value because it is tied to the governance token - GMG - so players who earn DarkCoin can exchange their in-game currency for GMG and then exchange GMG for their desired cryptocurrency outside the gaming platform. DarkCoin can be collected as rewards by killing monsters, winning events, and captured directly from other players by winning battles. The tokens can be used:
  • To purchase items in-game through the Auction House or Merchant
  • To speed upgrades to buildings and production of troops in the game
  • To craft special weapons, items, and armor in the game


Token Detail
Offering Detail
Token Distribution
Token Name: GameGold
Symbol: GMG
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 100,000,000 - Fixed Supply
Soft Cap: $1,596,000 USD
Hard Cap: $2,760,000 USD
Price Per Round
Seed Round: $0.08 per token
Private Round: $0.12 per token
Public Round: $0.16 per token
Offering Service: Republic
Seed Round: 4% - 4,000,000 GMG
Private Round: 7% - 7,000,000 GMG
Public Round: 10% - 10,000,000 GMG
Staking Reserves: 17% - 17,000,000 GMG
Game Treasury: 30% - 30,000,000 GMG
PLAYN Liquidity Wallet: 20% - 20,000,000 GMG
Advisors and Team: 10% - 10,000,000 GMG
Marketing/Promotions: 2% - 2,000,000 GMG
Total: 100% - 100,000,000


Listing on Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
GMG tokens will be listed on a decentralized exchange (TBD). This will be executed after completing the public sale of the GMG tokens. After listing, GMG token holders will be able to trade GMG for other tokens and buy GMG using other supported pairs.
Listing on Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
We plan to list GMG on a few centralized exchanges as we progress. All information regarding listings will be made available to token holders and community members at the appropriate time.


  • DEVELOPMENT Personnel costs related to game and API development and testing. Also includes asset purchases.
  • PERSONNEL Executive, administrative, and support personnel required.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE Servers, hardware, networking and related costs.
  • MARKETING/PR Personnel and expenses related to advertising, maintaining outreach channels, connecting to and developing press and influencer contacts.
  • ACQUISITION Expenses related to aquisition of game projects and companies for inclusion in the PLAYN ecosystem.
The early emphasis, upon funding, will be to generate awareness of the PLAYN ecosystem and our game development efforts, create excitement around the roadmap and engage with our fans. Accordingly, Marketing/PR and Development will get the majority of the seed round. The chart above represents the planned use of funds of the totality of the raise, with all three rounds accounted for.