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Marketing Strategy

PLAYN will rely on a mix of traditional game marketing channels, along with a strong player-centric approach to community building. Our team firmly believes that players are longing for a company that puts them first and creates a democratic system that prioritizes development based on their needs.


PLAYN plans to initially focus on the following markets:
North America: United States, Canada
EMEA: UK, European Union
Asia: Australia, India, Japan
Although China is a strong market for our initial game’s genre, the country’s current politically based ban on cryptocurrency may preclude our ability to formally enter that market. A close eye will be kept on the situation as it evolves and we would plan to enter that market should it open back up.


Our plan for paid marketing is to work through traditional game marketing channels and, through a refining process, narrow down to the most effective channels for our message and product. Our planned channels include:
  • PPC advertising
  • In-app video ads
  • Influencer endorsements
  • Giveaways / promotions
  • Airdrops


Integral to our overall marketing efforts will be a strong PR campaign. Getting engagement for our team on podcasts, interviews, guest articles on popular sites for gaming and crypto, etc. We have engaged Otter PR to be our company of record.